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NEW February 18, 2022 - The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has just announced a partnership with MajorClarity that allows all MS districts access to the MajorClarity platform for grades 7-12. Enroll here.

Career and college readiness, all in one place

All 7th-12th grade students in Mississippi now have MDE Supported access to MajorClarity for managing career and college readiness goals, including automating Individual Success Plans (ISPs). Districts are able to opt-in to this service via a form provided by MDE.
For more information or questions concerning the MDE supported MajorClarity platform, please contact Lea Johnson at, Chancey Fort at or Wendy Clemons at
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Dr. LeSian Davis,
Director of Counseling

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"Our team has been super excited about MajorClarity, especially being able to do more in one place. Instead of having students go here and there and there to complete their ISPs, now they have one spot for everything."

Why Mississippi Districts are Using MajorClarity for CCR

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Automating Individual Success Plans (ISPs)

Give students the tools they need to build meaningful ISPs based on their individual career interests—then simplify the process for collecting signatures while keeping all parents, teachers, and counselors on the same page.

“We used to make parents come in and sit down [to complete ISPs]. It took 3 months of our time to meet with every single 8th grader and parent. MajorClarity has streamlined the entire process. Now, reaching parents is easy.”

Shannon Fleming, School Counselor

Shannon Fleming, School Counselor


“We're able to use the information stored in Major Clarity for a variety of purposes. ISP's are automatically generated with the necessary information included. This is a life saver: our records are stored digitally so they can be emailed to parents or produced for the State Department, students, or other stakeholders. This is a great tool!”

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Dr. Ursula Whitehead, School Counselor

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Meaningful Career Exploration that Drives Academic Planning

MajorClarity content focuses on engagement: from interactive career test-drives to video interviews from experts and competency-based micro-credentials, the platform puts career exploration at students’ fingertips. This activity drives career planning, nudging students down the full pathway from exploration to academic and postsecondary planning.
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Preparing Students for Work-Based Learning

Connect students to relevant career experiences and internships through an optional Work-Based Learning database—and prepare them for their experiences with the on-demand Soft Skills student micro-credential


Coordinating Postsecondary Applications

Connect students to financial aid information, manage transcript requests for Common App, and help students make aligned postsecondary plans all in one place.

Note: Integrated Transcript and Letter of Recommendation fulfillment for any non-Common App document completion is available as an optional add-on via Parchment's Receive network.

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“Having a digital platform is a much more manageable process for my team, but it also puts students in the driver’s seat. What we like most is the career path simulation activities—this really drives the ISP process in our district. The last program we used had some video and activity content, but not like this. Our students had to do a lot of digging. With MajorClarity, they can log in, research, compare, and save post-secondary opportunities—all in one spot."

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Ginger Jones,
Director of Counseling


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My district doesn't currently use MajorClarity. What happens after I opt-in?
A: Once you opt-in via the form provided by MDE, a member of our team will get in touch within 72 hours to understand your specific needs (grade levels, optional product features, etc) and answer any questions. We'll then work with you closely to guide your district through implementation and provide training based on your specific goals. As a team of educators, we know a product is only a solution with good implementation so we work closely with you to ensure success.

Q: What if my district is already a MajorClarity partner?
A: You will still need to submit the opt-in form provided by MDE to confirm your intention to transition your contract to the state contract with the upcoming year. If the subscription included items not currently covered by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), a separate contract will be maintained with your district for those items and they will be invoiced directly to the district.

Q: How is this service being funded?
A: The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has entered into a contract with MajorClarity to provide free access for school districts to the MajorClarity platform.

Q: What implementation and data requirements are needed to use the platform?
A: Our implementation specialists will guide your district through this process. Our team has extensive experience with SIS systems in use in Mississippi. A complete list of required and optional data fields to be provided is listed here.